Friday, July 18, 2008

Vacation time

I think I need another vacation to recover from my "vacation". No...we didn't go lounge on a white sandy beach in the Florida Keys, and we didn't retreat to a lakeside cabin, watching the morning sunrise over the trees.

We went trimmed trees, did some much needed yard work, cleaned the house, had some friends over and went to the Children's Museum. Oh and the girls had a bike wash.
Eva always has to do everything that her big sissy does and a bike wash was no exception, especially when there is a hose and water involved.

I also had an chance to finish a little 6x6 canvas. Hubby suggested the name...he's great at coming up with names for my pieces. This one is called Simon Says...Sit Down.
I just love these little canvases! They are so much fun to work on...I just love the chunky sides!



Lucy said...

I love working with the 6 x 6's, too, they are the perfect size. Your newest creation turned out beautiful. Love the purple and greens together....almost french like.

Baby girls are too cute with their bike wash :)

Kathy said...

I love this, so nice...and a good name for it too.