Sunday, December 28, 2008


We had such a lovely Christmas this year. The girls got more than they could possibly ever want, thanks in large part to their grandparents...on both sides. We've also been spending lots of time with my sister and her family who made the trek to Indiana all the way from the Florida Keys. It's so nice to see them. Annie has twin two-year old boys, so you can just imagine how fun Christmas was having all the kids together...there was never a dull moment! Check out some of the crazyness...

Christmas Eve at my grandma's house. Ella and Eva are playing with their cousins, Gabe and Gavin.

Getting ready for bed on Christmas Eve. The girls put out a sugar cookie, banana and chocolate milk for Santa. The rumor around our house is that Santa gets tired of regular old plain milk.

Christmas morning at our house.

Christmas at my parents' house with gifts piled high!

Me and my girls.

David and Ella posing by the fireplace...I think Eva took this picture!

David surprised me this year with a wonderful favorite actually. I'm still a little shocked at his sneakyness. So, imagine my surprise when I opened my last box on Christmas morning and found a Jodi Ohl original! I checked Jodi's etsy shop often...just to see if the two pieces that were on my Christmas list were still there. I pretty much wrote it off as a lost cause when both pieces were still in Jodi's shop on Christmas Eve. So, I was totally elated when I opened that box!

Here is the piece that hubby got for me. It's called "Burgess Street". Be sure to check out Jodi's work in her etsy shop.

I also got tons of new art supplies...canvases, scrapbook papers, gel medium, watercolor paper...and a gift card that I've already spent and then some. I think I feel my muse starting to return. And my sis and I had a girl's afternoon out and went to the spa for massages today...I totally needed the pampering and enjoyed every minute of it.

So after the excitment of Christmas faded a bit, I realized that my precious little kitty cat had vanished. She's an older indoor cat and never ventures far, but she has been gone for almost 5 days now and we haven't a clue where she could be. We've scoured the neighborhood, hung up flyers and talked to the neighbors, but there's still no sign of her. I can't imagine where she could be. She is just like one of the family...I've had her since I've lived on my own and she was "my" cat. I hope she comes back soon.

We also celebrated a birthday here yesterday. Eva turned two years old...where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday Ella was two and Eva was a newborn. While she's definitely been a handful (much more so than her sister ever was)...we love her so much and enjoy her little personality (most of the time). She's definitely got a mind of her own. I wonder (and worry) what she'll be like as a teenager...we're in for some major trouble with this one.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Four my living room

Well, for months now hubby and I have commented to each other that we need something to hang on our bare living room wall…the one and only wall that you can see as you approach the front door…the big green bare wall that you see from the street. We obviously weren’t getting anywhere by simply talking about it, so hubby suggested that I make something to hang on the empty wall. At first I shrugged it off…even though I have a few pieces hanging on the walls of our house (waiting to be sold), the prospect of making something large enough to make a dent in the vast empty space was daunting to say the least. I looked around etsy and proposed some alternatives, but not having hundreds of dollars to spend on artwork pretty much put an end to that discussion.

So, a few months ago while I was out, I picked up 4 16”x16” canvases thinking that I would certainly rather do 4 smaller (if you can call 16x16 small) pieces than one huge canvas. Bare in mind that I usually work small…2.5”x3.5”, 6”x6”, with an occasional 8”x10” thrown in when I’m feeling really adventurous, however, I’d recently completed a custom piece that was 20”x20”, so I felt confident in my abilities to do larger pieces.

If you don’t know by now, I’m kind of a tree freak…they show up in nearly every piece I do…and since I had 4 canvases, what better theme than a tree in each of the four seasons.

Until this point I tended to avoid spring trees (I had a bad experience once trying to create a spring tree that I’d rather not talk about) and winter trees…what can I say…I hate snow and wintertime in general.

I basically breezed right through the summer and fall canvases…they only took a month or so to finish. I made a few small studies for what the remaining seasons would look like, but I just wasn’t happy with the mediums I had chosen for the snow. I wanted something white and semi-transparent so vintage paper could be seen underneath, but wanted to avoid paint. Then, as I was lying in bed half asleep one night, it finally hit me…gesso! It was right in front of me the entire time and really added some unique texture to the winter snow.

Although the whole process took several months to complete, it was so much fun making these pieces “just for me”. As an artist, I am usually making art for my etsy shop, for friends and family or for gifts, but rarely take time to make something just for me. I’m extremely grateful that I did this project and now, I can’t help but stop and smile when I see my trees hanging on my wall.

Have you made anything “just for you” lately? If not, I highly suggest that you do it…even if it is just something small. You’ll be glad you did!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Blue Christmas

A new treasury I found myself in...such a pretty collection and one of my favorite colors!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Pretty Little Pendant

That's right...I decided to join in the whole Black Friday - Cyber Monday hoopla and have my own little sale. Between Friday, November 28 and Monday, December 1, I'm offering free shipping and marking down some of my original work.

Be sure to check out these shops too! They are all wonderfully talented mixed media artists from the Metsy Team who are offering incredible deals this weekend. Some sales have already begun...





Peace of Pi Studio & Pibits

Two Cool Texans

P is for Paper


Vintage Snaps and Scrap

Tiny Art by JMullin


Sunday, November 16, 2008

A little bit of everything

Lately I’ve been busy doing a little bit of everything. My precious little Ella made an absolutely beautiful flower girl last weekend. She is definitely my little princess. She loves wearing dresses and getting all dolled up with make-up and glitter…I guess you could say we’re complete opposites in that regard…lol. Hopefully she’ll grow out of it and become the volleyball and basketball star that we know she can be (jk). Anyway, she looked gorgeous and even managed to drop a few petals as she slowly strolled down the aisle. The ring bearer left her in the dust :)

I’ve been working on quite a few custom orders for Christmas, but hope to be caught up this week…*wipes sweat from brow* So, if you’re looking for a unique or jewelry, be sure to check out my etsy shop. If you are interested in custom work, please let me know asap…the giant Christmas countdown clock inside Target is ticking!

On an absolutely unrelated note…well, it sort-of ties in with Christmas. I have a fun new obsession…SOAP!!! Several months ago, I bought the most amazing hand-made soap from an etsy seller. After spending a small fortune on this amazing soap, I did a little research (ok…more than a little research) and learned the basics of cold-process soap making – basically your grandma’s lye soap. Only now you can purchase a million different oils, additives, herbs and fragrances to combine into your own luscious combinations. If you are one of the lucky few that I buy Christmas presents for, please skip right over the picture below. Oh but do continue to read because some of the items from my Christmas list can be found in the next

I’ve made about 10 different batches so far and am anxious to make more. Unfortunately I’m out of oils, lye and lots of other stuff that I need to make the soap, so I’ve added them to my Christmas list…sodium hydroxide, palm oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, French green clay, fragrance oils…all can be found and purchased through The Soap Dish, a local Indiana small business.

Have a great week!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some of my very first-every collages...made from fabric

Recently the topic on my favorite etsy mixed media thread turned to fabric and how much we all love it…which got me thinking about some of the very first collages that I made.

Several years ago I went to an art market around Christmas time and saw the most amazing fabric art. I bought a small piece that now hangs in my daughter’s room, but left completely inspired.

I seem to get a bit obsessed with something and then all of a sudden I move on to something else. This period of producing fabric collages lasted about six months…after that it was acrylic painting (I think)…I can hardly keep it all straight. All I can do is just go with the flow and have a good time.

I still love the beautiful colors and textures of fabric. Who knows…maybe I’ll revisit it again someday.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mom, can I have that?

I was browsing the treasury listings today and was pleasantly surprised to find one of my pieces featured in this fun treasury created by polkadotpancake. I just love the "Share your toys" if only my girls could And polkadotpancake makes the most amazing lego bracelets. Who knew such beautiful jewelry could be made with old toys???

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Summer, anyone?

Okay, I must admit that now that Fall is here in full force…I’m talking chilly days and even colder nights, less sunshine and leaves falling like rain from the trees…I find myself daydreaming of the warm days of summer.

Don’t get me wrong…I do enjoy the Fall and even did the whole pumpkin patch adventure with my two little ones (and hubby)…but I’ve had my fill and would now like to go back to the days of warm sunshine, please.

My recent trees reflect this yearning for the lazy days of summer.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Home...A new piece

I’ve been busy working on several custom orders lately, but managed to finish a small canvas I’ve had sitting on my desk for months.

My creative muse briefly hovered over this little canvas back in July or August, but for some reason she was drawn away, not to return until this week.

Sometimes that’s just the way it works…you have to set aside a piece until inspiration strikes…oh and it’s so wonderful when it does. I certainly had my doubts about this little piece, but must say that I’m happy with the way it turned out...just a simple little tribute to home.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's been awhile

It's been awhile since I've has been moving at a much quicker pace lately. My Autumn Tree ACEO series, numbers 1 - 4 have been pretty popular, so I'm working on adding a few more to my shop. I absolutely LOVE making autumn trees. The possibilities for leaf colors are just endless...deep burgundy, orange, gold, purple...don't get me wrong, I love the green leaves of summertime. But, there is just something about this time of year that makes you want to snuggle up in a warm blanket with a cup of tea...or coffee in my case. The days are getting shorter and cooler. It's actually comfortable to play outside and you don't have to worry (so much) about being eaten alive by mosquitoes.
And Halloween is coming up...that enchanting, spooky, magical holiday where for one day it's okay to pretend you're someone else. I'm in the midst of getting some ATCs done for a Halloween swap that I'm hosting. Here's an extra card that I made in honor of this fun holiday... It is available in my etsy store.

The old, run-down house on the edge of town was a popular topic of conversation among town folk. The house had been abandoned for years and fallen into dis-repair, but for some reason, eerie lights often appeared in the windows and ghostly shadows could be seen floating across the walls. Of course, no one dared go near the old place to investigate the strange occurances...especially on Halloween night.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Autumn is in the Air

The summer is winding down...the kids are back in school. It won't be long and I'll be cuddled up by the fire place, wearing sweaters and sipping hot apple cider. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

Even though it has been in the low 80s here recently, I've been in an Autumn sort of mood. There's just something about the crisp air, the scent of pumpkin and cinnamon and the colorful leaves falling to the earth like rain. These three ACEOs are my tribue to this wonderful time of year and can be found in my etsy shop, prettylittlependant.


New Treasuries

I was browsing through the treasuries listing recently and was honored to find myself featured in several place! The treasuries were put together by kae1supplies, bagsandmorebypam, karenfaulknerart and mehran. Thank so much for including my work!


Friday, September 5, 2008

They grow up so quickly!

My oldest little girl turned 4 time flies! She is growing up and no matter what I do, I can't seem to stop it! I always tell her not to grow up, but her response is always the same.

So matter-of-factly she says, "but I have to grow up."
"Why?" I respond.
"Because I can't reach anything." she says.

We had a lovely little family birthday party at home last night. Hubby sent us on a scavenger hunt for her gifts. Each present had a little note attached with a clue to where the next gift could be found. We had lots of fun searching under beds, in closets, on the swingset and even in the mailbox. After that we had a wonderful little chocolate cake with vanilla icing (picked out by the birthday girl) that was lovingly hand decorated by the birthday girl and her little sister. The icing and sprinkles on top of the cake were and inch thick, but the girls loved it. We're planning a larger birthday party for her in a couple weeks at Chuck E. Cheese.

Ella started preschool this year, which she totally loves. Her little sister on the other hand, just can't get used to the idea of a strange person taking Ella out of our car in the mornings. She cries and cries for her big sister...well, until I can distract her with some candy or juice. It is just the most precious thing ever...especially because they are very competitive at home. Eva likes to have your attention at all times and absolutely hates to share.



This treasury was put together by the very talented mixed media artist, Nancy Lefko...that piece by lucysweetlucy is one of my all-time favorites! Be sure to check out collageartgirl on etsy!

Also, I decided to join a couple new teams...FAM (Fabulous Artist Moms) being one of them. They are such a fun and energetic group! These treasuries were put together by whimsybymari and feature some of the newest members of the FAMly.