Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another new ACEO and a BREAK!!!

Notice I didn't say "break down"...although it may have nearly come to that. I've had so little "me" time lately, that I desperately needed a break. I have to lovely daughters, which I adore, and a wonderful hubby, but my 18 month old is going through a mommy phase lately. If I am home, she is permanently attached to my leg, arm, or whatever is within reach. She refuses to go to sleep both during the daytime and at night unless I am laying right next to her. Sometimes she still refuses to sleep. Most nights I fall asleep before she does, which eliminates spending time at night working on my art, hanging out with hubby or just relaxing.

Today, my better half could see how stressed I was getting and took the girls to the mall to play. So, I was able to unwind a little and finish a new ACEO...and do some laundry...clean up the kitchen...

When I have time, I'll prepare lots of ACEO backgrounds, then I'll gradually use them up. Here are some backgrounds that are waiting to be used.

My new card, "Great Grandma" reminds me of my own great grandma. Though she died when I was in high school, I'll always remember how she loved to host Sunday afternoon family gatherings. There was never a shortage of food in her over-crowded little house.
Have a great week!

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