Saturday, July 12, 2008

A new direction...a new name????

I need some advise.

Pretty Little Pendant is the name of my etsy shop, my flickr account and my blog, but lately I’ve been wandering if I should change this name…ok I’ve been wandering about a name change for quite awhile. I’ve always done collage and mixed media, but when I picked the name, my main focus was on soldered pendants.

Now, I’m enjoying creating mixed media works on canvas, paper, ACEOS, you name it…and pendants have really taken a back seat. So, I’m faced with a dilemma. The thing is…I sell way more pendants than I do original mixed media pieces and all of my pendants incorporate my mixed media pieces, but is “Pretty Little Pendant” misleading?

Also, I haven’t a clue about what my new name would be if I did decide to change it.

Here are some of my soldered pendants.

Any thoughts on a new name?


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Lucy said...

Maybe do this, wait until you hit a bench mark of sales or time frame with your etsy shop (like a hundred sales or January 1st 2009) and gear up your move to a second shop with your current customer base by making announcements here on your blog, on your etsy shop, all your listings that way you are giving everyone that visits your shop because of your name or your pendants notification of your new shop and identity.

For example: "Be sure to check out my new shop opening January 1st 2009 where you find the same mixed media collages you'll find with my pendants on ACEO's, canvases, and more!"

I would keep with the Pretty Little....something or another name as it is becoming your trademark.

Hope this helps :)