Sunday, July 20, 2008

A day at the lake

No vacation would be complete without a relaxing day at the lake. My family has a lake house on Lake Lemon near Brown County and it is always so much fun to spend time there. As a kid I remember learning to ski behind a big pontoon boat, going on evening cruises around the lake, and falling asleep to the steady rocking of the boat. Now my kids get to have the same wonderful experiences.

Ella is three and loves to go tubing and swimming. Here she is being pulled behind the boat. Even when she was getting splashed in the face, she didn’t want her turn to end!

Eva couldn’t handle all the excitement and quickly fell asleep in my arms. I just love how her baby life jacket smashes her cheeks!




what great pictures !!!

beautiful little girls....

Kathy said...

So sweet,
Nothing like the fresh air and make you want to nap!