Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Morning Flea Market Finds

One of the best things about summertime is the HUGE outdoor flea market that takes place every Sunday morning. I just love rummaging through boxes of old junk! I seen (and taken home) some absolute treasures! There is one vendor who has boxes and boxes and boxes of random stuff…you constantly hear him yell “everything’s a dollar – except books and magazines are two for a dollar.” He has EVERYTHING from spoons and forks to picture frames, old books, photos, old broken clocks, bed knobs…you name it and he has it! It is a paper ephemera collectors dream! The first time we went last year, hubby ended up carrying a huge stack of books back to the car for me. I’ve since ran out of space to store those fabulous old books, so I’m a little bit pickier with what I buy. Still, the thrill of coming across a “treasure” is the most fun part. Here are my finds for today.

An old book by James Whitcomb Riley (an Indianapolis native) printed in 1899

Some sort of German calendar from 1889 that is literally falling apart, but still fabulous

Two books completely full of little red stamps from the 1930s with some extra stamps tucked inside

I can hardly wait to use these little lovelies in some of my collages…and to go back to the flea market next week!



glimmering prize said...

Great finds!!
love them all-

Anonymous said...

hi there Alisa,
i stumbled upon your lovely blog and realized that i know and love your work through our Collage-a-Day group on Flickr. glad i found you!
regarding your change of name quandary, i don't think you need a change at all. "pretty little" still applies, and although your focus isn't pendants quite so much, your artwork is small and beautiful.
-just my 2 cents-


what a great flea market...wish we had something like that here...I love all that vintage ephemera and would scoop it up as readily as you do !!