Friday, July 4, 2008

The scoop on ACEOs/ATCs

So what exactly are ACEOs and ATCs? ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. ATC stands for Artist Trading Cards. The only requirement for making them is that they must measure 2.5” x 3.5”. Other than that the possibilities are endless. ACEOs and ATCs are virtually the same thing, except it is ok to sell ACEOs. ATCs are meant to be traded. They are a great way to collect original art, as most are fairly inexpensive so anyone can afford to purchase them.

I just love making these little cards! They are wonderfully versatile. I’ve matted and framed several cards. I’ve used them to decorate my studio space. I’ve mounted them and made them into greeting cards. They are just so much fun! I especially like them because I can get them done in relatively short amount of time…unlike doing a larger canvas, which could take weeks! I’ve also started participating in more swaps and trades lately, so I’m starting to amass a fabulous collection of cards.

So here’s my latest ACEO. I’m still working on a title for it…maybe “The Picket Fence”? If you have any thoughts please weight in!

I awoke on this glorious 4th of July morning to a torrential downpour, which we’ve been having rather frequently in Indiana, and paypal issues! Apparently my account has been restricted, so I can’t pay for purchases or request them….grrr! I’ve heard from others who have had similar situations with paypal. Some were resolved rather quickly while others took weeks. Hopefully my account issues will be resolved quickly *crosses fingers*! In the mean time, I don’t know if I’ll list anything new in my etsy shop. I’d hate to have someone make a purchase and then not be able to pay because of my issues with paypal!

Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!


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Lucy said...

This is as cute as can be, Alisa! I'm bad at picking names but the one that came to me is, "Where Dreams Begin" or "All Things Are Possible". It just kinda reminds me with the children as the focal point, and all the possibilities that are still yet to come in their lives, plus the backdrop of the American Dream, a house with a white picket fence which represents hope and promise which is available to everyone that reaches for it. got more than you bargained for with that question, huh! LOL

Anywhoo--I love how you frame them. Where did you get the matt to fit? Did you cut that yourself?