Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary

David and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary yesterday, although we each think of June 26th, the day we first met, as our real anniversary. We've been together much longer than the official 5 years and often joke that we've been together for a third of our lives...okay, in my case it's more like half.

Because he has been so supportive of my passion for art, I decided to make a special piece just for him. So, this is what I came up with. He teaches computer technology to sixth grade students and is a total techie. This collage took me a little out of my element, but I was happy to use some of the wonderful ephemera that I normally shove to the side because it is "not vintage enough".

The piece was done using bits of ephemera...monopoly money, a flash card, a vintage playing card that used to belong to David when he was a kid, some of Ella's handwritting, bits of an envelope and graph paper. Then I added a transferred image of an old computer, used some colored pencil, charcoal and black acrylic paint and finally embellished with black thread. The piece is on a 6"x6" deep edge gallery wrapped canvas and the sides are painted black, so there is no need for a frame.

Enjoy...oh and the anniversary gift was a big hit and will most likely find its way into that sixth grade classroom I mentioned earlier.



julie king said...

this piece is so very different from what you normally but what a wonderful job you did on it!! isn't it fun to push ourselves to do something different? i'm sure you hubbie loved it!!

risa said...

Congrats on the anniv!

Very nice gift for the hubby. Likewise, my hubby is so supportive and I've been thinking I need to do a piece just for him.

sherry lee said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. A gift made of love for love means stepping outside your own boundaries, your own niche and doing something that speaks of the other did that here with this lovely collage for your husband. He'll cherish it for so many he should!

Lucy said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Dave--love the gift you made for him.It's a great tribute to him, and I'm sure he'll hang it proudly in his classroom :)


happy anniversary and what a wonderful, thoughtful gift....

I miss you over at the forum :) Come and visit us soon !!