Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vintage Image Freebies

I was just browsing through my collection of vintage images this morning and thought I would share a few here on my blog. Feel free to use these images in your art, but please do not reproduce them in the form of collage sheets or CDs for resale.

Most of these images were from a local antique shop...actually they were stuck in a frame my MIL purchased. She knew I'd put them to good use.

This one I call "Picture Day"...and this little girl is definitely not happy about it!

Don't you just love the intricate chair that this baby is precariously perched in? Oh and that gown has to be one of the longest I've ever seen...lol!

"Sisters with enormous bows"

Meet the most beautiful little boy ever.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!



thanks so much sweetie, what a nice treat !!!

sherry lee said...

I always look at the old images and wonder "who" these people were and what were their lives. These are really amazing...the "gown" on that baby is immense!!

QueenBe said...

I'm crazy about old photos... Thank you for sharing!!

julie king said...

how fun! don't you just love old photos? i've not tried to incorporate them in my collages yet but i love how you do!

Linda Hardy said...

Thank you! I love these old photos, especially the baby and the big bow sisters! They look so darn happy!


PisforPaper said...

These are wonderful, thanks for sharing!

Kathy said...

Thank Alisa~ I will add these to my files, I'll take them. I can't get enough!