Sunday, February 8, 2009

New work and fun with image transfers

I finally finished another new piece...yippee! I’ve been trying to use more color in my work, and to my surprise, hubby actually said this is his favorite piece so far. My color experimentation must have been successful this time around, although I still hate using yellow…lol. I've still got two more canvases to finish up (remeber that wip post a couple weeks ago?)...they are coming along albeit very slowly.

The World is your Stage measures 8”x10” and was done on gallery wrapped canvas. To create the piece I used scrapbook paper, vintage papers, acrylic paint, a photocopy of a vintage image, ink and charcoal. The sides of the canvas are painted black, so there’s no need for a frame. Look for it in my etsy store soon.


I’ve also been experimenting lately with different transfer techniques. My latest self-portrait was a (failed) attempt at one new technique…hey, live and learn, right? I typically do transfers with acrylic medium. If you’d like to learn more, visit this site for some great information and a tutorial.

Anyway…yesterday I was playing around with acrylic medium transfers using different paper than I normally use and the result was a quick, easy transfer. Instead of regular copy paper, I used Printworks Satin Photo Paper. I spread out some medium over the image using a foam brush, pressed it down onto the surface I wanted it on (in this case some vintage ledger paper), burnished with a spoon, then peeled the photo paper up before the medium was even dry. Here are the results.

I added some hand-drawn scroll work in the corners. I’m also planning on embellishing them with thread eventually, but haven’t quite gotten around to it yet...maybe after my two canvas wips are done...hmmm.



ArtSnark said...

Great pieces - I really like the scrolls you've added.

Thanks for your kind comment on Red's Dream. I'm just playing around with an ancient copy of photoshop elements (2.0 & now they're up to 7.0, I think). Need to hook myself up with the real deal one of these days.

Ilka Wilczek said...

Your artwork is really so greatful!!!

Glenda-TwoCoolTexans said...

Hey girl, transfers look good. Well, at least you liked my favorite and best best paper recommendation. That stuff is amazing. They'll probably stop making it, they always do when we find something Hugs, G