Thursday, September 9, 2010

My baby is 6!

I don't know how it happened...I swear it was just a couple years ago that my little Ella was born. How could it be that she started kindergarten a few weeks ago? Not only is she going to school all-day, but she is in gymnastics, went to cheer camp and is starting piano lessons soon. I still can't believe that she is 6 years old!

Ella age 2.

Ella turned 6 over Labor Day weekend, so I gave her a choice..."do you want a Chuck E. Cheese party (she always does) or do you want a themed party at home?" I was a little shocked and happy to hear that she wanted a princess/cooking/make-over party at home this year. After I assured her that we wouldn't have time to do all of the themes she wanted, she settled on a princess party.

The invitation - yes each "girl" had on a different party dress!

The thought of it was secretly flooding my head...we'll have a few people over, we can do it on the cheap, it will be fun! We can make the invitations, party decorations, food (we had lots of snacks, princess punch, princess parfaits and pink lemonade), etc. to cut costs...haha!

The food!

Well, my ideal small-cheap party quickly grew into a big, all-out princess bash! Could we really have it any other way? I quickly started assembling pink tutus (used to decorated the chairs and then handed out at the end of the party) and making giant pink and white puff balls.

The tutus!

Puff balls made from tissue paper!

The girls decorated magic wands and treat bags.

Eva is in the blue Cinderella dress and Ella is in the gorgeous white flower girl dress.

They slayed a dragon pinata and hunted for the king's missing treasure. Yes, I dressed like a princess too!

Then they had cake...but not just any old cake. The kiddos got to decorate their own individual 4" cakes any way they wanted.

Then Ella blew out the candles on her 3-tier princess cake and opened all of those wonderful presents.

That was a re-cap of the two-hour party in a nutshell. They girls stayed busy and seemed to have a great time! Yes, it was a TON of work and I had to take two days off to accomplish it, but the look on her face at the end of the day was priceless. Chuck E. Cheese has nothing on me!

Now...I wonder what kind of party Eva will want...

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Anonymous said...

Looks like everybody had fun! LOVE (!) the dragon idea! Clever!! Hugs!