Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My beautiful new book

Okay I'll admit it...I enjoy reading. I was one of those kids who actually did the readings for high school and college literature classes...and enjoyed them. At the time I would never admit it...I had a reputation to protect after all and would complain along with my classmates that I just didn't have time to read Homer's Odyssey or Dickens' Great Expectations. But I did read them...and enjoyed them.

Years later, I don't have to hide my addiction anymore. Although my free time has been drastically reduced by two little demanding girls, when they are in bed my books come out. One book in particular of late...a lovely book containing 7 Jane Austen novels.

When I stumbled upon this gorgeous book at Barnes and Noble last week, I knew immediatlely that I had to have it. Cracking the cover open, I was instantly transported to another world. This is what EVERY book should look like...beautiful, leather bound with golden pages. Nevermind the it is completely impractical. You can't very well tuck it into your bag and pull it out to read during your lunch break, but who cares! Everytime I open it I get this wonderful giddy feeling...pure joy! I'm currently re-reading Sense and Sensibility, but when I'm finished with Jane, I'll have to pick up another of these amazing books...Shakespeare or maybe Poe...I really don't care which, the books are so gorgeous!

On a side note...this book was a wonderful distraction and has allowed me to successfully fight this wierd urge I have to re-read the Twilight series. Am I crazy? brain is telling me not to re-read the series, but yet the crazy urge remains. Anyone else read the series and struggle with this?

What are you currently reading?


ElegantSnobbery said...

Oooh, I want ALL of those!!

QueenBe said...

I love Jane Austen as well..... in fact I am watching the mini series "Emma" on PBS this and last week. A whole different world, and I really enjoy escaping to it. You found a great buy at the book store!

T @ Poppy Place said...

Oh I Love it :)

I am such a Jane Austin fan but also Dickens.

You are also setting a great example to your little ones. :)

Have a wonderful Day, regards, T.

ArtSnark said...

Yay! I love the classics too.

Do you ever listen to Studio360 on NPR? They ran a Moby Dick themed episode & interviewed people from all walks of the creative arts that were influenced by Melville's fantastic book. If you missed it, I can send you the link

Anonymous said...

I was and continue to be a book girl too! It was Shakespeare for me in school. I always enjoyed reading his stories while the others would groan. Your books are treasures! I love the Jane Austen book the best. Maybe because I love her stories!

Kathy said...

Hi Alisa~
You are right, beautiful books. You know I do not think I have ever read Jane busy reading darn ghost books and books about the I might have to make time for a classic or two. Miss you girlie, take care.

Beadyjan said...

Beautiful book, I'm reading a rather crumpled paperback by Barbara Erskine!

Anonymous said...

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