Friday, August 21, 2009

Recent work and the Visual Fringe

Here are some shots of the Visual Fringe opening at the beginning of August. It was a wonderful experience, and was the first time my work has ever been hung in (gasp) public. Luckily a very talented stencil artist and co-worker talked me into participating in the show and kept on me until I finally consented.

Here's Pete and his lovely wife Annette standing next to three of his pieces in the show.

The opening was fabulous...I got to stand around sipping free champagne and talk to people about my art. And people were interested! Both of my pieces sold during the opening and are up through the end of the month. It was such a great experience that I may have to do it again sometime :)

The two pieces with the sold stickers in the middle are mine.

Here they are close up.

After my successful debut on the local scene, I finally found a little motivation to create some new pieces. Here's what I've done thus far.

"Love" ACEO 2.5"x3.5"

"Little Ladies" 8x10

"Headed West 2" 5x7. This one is similar to a piece that sold during the Fringe and is a gift for my father-in-law (I hope he doesn't read this).


ArtSnark said...

Congrats on the show & sales! Beautiful work.

Also you won the Alice & Tulips giveaway & I'd love to send it to you! You can contact me either thru email in my profile or etsy convo

shelley said...


congrats on the show and for selling your work!! yay! love the new work you've done, too.


jgr said...

Congrats on your 'debut' and on selling your work!! It's very exciting.

Joe said...

I love this. It is one of the best gifts I ever received and I will always cherish it.
Thank you Alisa

julie king said...

your work continues to grow and grow! congrats on the sales!

Hanne said...

Love your art! These are just stunning!