Saturday, January 3, 2009

A new year, a new direction


5x7" on gallery wrapped canvas

Do you ever just kind of feel stuck in a rut? The month of December was just kind of blah for me artistically…I needed to change things up a bit and with the new year dawning, what better time than the present to try something new. Ok, I admit that my attention span is really short…I’m always wanting to try something new. I don’t quite know if I feel the need to jump from one thing to the next to keep me fresh or if I’m just suffering from ADD…lol. I’d like to incorporate more painting in my pieces, use up some of the HUNDREDS of scrapbook papers that I have taking up space and really focus on creating meaningful art. I don’t really care how many pieces I sell…as long as the art is meaningful for me, that is enough (ok, a few sales to support my habit would be nice).

Two Flowers

ACEO 2.5x3.5" on heavy watercolor paper

Another of my goals for 2009 is to approach some local venues about displaying my art. I’ve had my eye on a little neighborhood coffee shop for quite some time, but didn’t feel like my vintage look would be a good fit there. Now, with the new direction that my art is going, I feel like I’m ready to put myself out there. Instead of working on one piece at a time, I’m following the advice of others (*wink, wink* to Jodi aka sweetrepeatstudio) and working on a grouping of 4-5 pieces in various sizes to form a cohesive collection. That way, even if my pieces never leave my house I can display them in small collections on my own walls.

Three Flowers

ACEO 2.5x3.5" on heavy watercolor paper

I’ve got plans to finish up 3 more pieces in this collection then start some pieces in black and white, similar to my stay tuned!

I can’t wait to see the direction my art takes…I look forward to the journey!



The Great Ethan Allen said...

sounds like you have some plans! good luck in the new year!

Persimmons Gal said...

I love the new pieces! Happy 2009!

Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

Just found you through Etsy forum thread... beautiful artwork! I love the idea of working on several at a time (I also suffer from creative ADD lol). Good luck in 2009!


Lucy said...

I love how you are stretching your wings, Alisa! Maybe you are just going through a period of creative rebirth, I think we all go through a little funk from time to time--not that you have anything to worry about, everything you do is beautiful!

Someone else gave me that advice as far as working in small collections. She's an owner of a local art gallery (modern, mixed media style) and when you have people that love your work, they may or may not be able to buy everything they want at once, so it's good to have things they can come back to and match-not to mention it just makes for a good presentation in shops and home walls :)

All my best to you, friend!


pinkglitterfae said...

Those pesky little ruts! Looks like you came back strong though, love the new direction, and great idea to do a series of cohesive work! Good luck with that coffee shop, I am sure these would look wonderful hanging anywhere. :-)

ArtSnark said...

And she's off! You are already taking 2009 by storm, I see. Great work & a good plan!

glimmering prize said...

sweet new pieces! so springy....
it snowed here this morning....
thinking of spring LR

risa said...

I encourage you to try the coffeehouse...about a month ago I finally approached one I frequent and within a week my art was on the wall! you never know until you try!


Alisa, I love your new pieces...they are sweet and funky all at once! Good luck with the little coffeehouse...I would think they'd love to display your beautiful work !!

julie king said...

these aceos are just adorable. good for you for shaking it up. i'm still not working at the art table as much as i'd like. i'm sure inspiration will strike any day now. no pressure at all!!