Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kitty Marie is home!!!!

My darling little indoor kitty, Kitty Marie had been gone for 9 days...since Christmas Day, actually. We put up posters, climbed fences to look in neighbors garages and sheds, followed false leads and never even found a clue as to her whereabouts. I had all but given up hope of ever finding her again...she's older, declawed, small and well...a little princess kitty. No way would she be able to defend herself against racoon or the 10 or so outdoor cats that live nearby. Yep...I had pretty much written her off as a lost cause when hubby walked in with her in his arms last night.
He had gone out to his car and heard a little meow as he closed the door to the house. He turned and saw her head under his car, so he quickly unlocked and opened the door to the house. When he turned around, she was right at his feet!

We are so excited to have her back. She seems to be just fine, her old normal self...just hungry and a little weak. Her long hair was not wet or matted and there wasn't any sign of an injury. We still can't figure out where she could have been for 9 whole days, but the important thing is that she is back now.

Thank you to everyone for the positive thoughts and prayers...and a special thank you to the two neighbor boys who kept us updated on any possible leads and crawled under cars to apprehend strange cats!



Renee (nayski) said...

I'm so glad your princess made it home safe and sound - she is beautiful. We were missing ours for over a week one time - turned out it was trapped in a neighbors garage and the older lady was scared of cats so she was afraid to let him out.

Dawn said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so happy you have your kitty back! I have 2 indoor 'princesses' and if I ever lost one of them, well let's just say, I would have 3 inconsolable girls in my home and I'm 1 of them! She's lovely, and I'm sure she's just as happy to have found her way back to you.


hurray for Kitty Marie !!! Could she have been a contestant on "Amazing Race???" oh no, that's longer than 9 days, right ?? LOL

Lucy said...

Welcome back Kitty Marie!! You had lots of people praying your safe return!! You had us all worried to pieces!!

I'm so relieved for you Alisa..I'm glad this experience ended the way it did!

Kathy said...

I am so happy kitty is back, safe with her people who love her.