Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Fun

Is it just me or does summer always seem to fly by? Where did the month of June go? It’s been a great summer at our house thus far…the garden is growing, the girls have been enjoying the heat…playing in the sprinkler and in their kiddy pool, and almost every day is a daddy day since daddy is out of school for the summer.

We went to a family reunion last weekend in Kentucky and stopped at the Louisville Zoo on the way back to Indiana. The girls had a wonderful day learning about all the different animals…and they even had orangutans and gorillas! They were so much fun to watch, but of course I’m still torn about seeing them in a zoo in Kentucky. They must hate being confined to a small space (compared to their range in the wild) and having people stop to look at them every day. Are they better off in a zoo or facing poachers and the destruction of their natural habitats in Africa???

I just finished another large custom piece, so I’ve been spending the majority of my art time on that. But now that it is finished, hopefully I can work on a few new pieces…and I’m really missing those weekly challenges!

Hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am!

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